CTQ: Why Make a Gift Registry for a Baby Destined for Abortion?

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Today, the Family Policy Council of WV and I launch a new podcast that we have given the title, Consider the Question.   It is a weekly program that invites you to thoughtfully consider the questions raised by the world around us from a Christian worldview.

It is my hope to give you 3-4 minutes of analysis to help you think Christianly about a story that has been . . . raised by the world around us.  Most of the time, that will take the form of reacting to a story in the media.  At other times, it may simply be my thinking out loud from an experience in my day-to-day work.  Whatever it is, I hope you'll consider joining me each week to think through these important issues.

First up, we consider the question: Why make a gift registry for a baby destined for abortion?  If you would like to read the article referenced in the podcast, click here