This is What "Tolerance" Sometimes Looks Like

There are many in this country who simply want to debate the issues and are very willing to disagree without being disagreeable.  There is another category that tends to be "all bark and no bite," thankfully, that dog you for your convictions, but won't allow themselves to escalate the tension.  For them, it's enough to engage in a public shaming ritual of sorts, but they restrain themselves from more.

But, two recent stories deserve your attention.  Each reflects a third category, namely, when those who disagree with you take to physical action, intimidation, and violence.  This is not reflective of the entire world of those who oppose what we do and how we do it.  But, they are out there and, because of that, we covet your prayers for safety.

The first story is out of Belgium and involves an Archbishop who is known for his convicted stance against the morality of homosexuality.  During an appearance, the Archbishop was rushed by several women - all of whom were topless - who proceeded to chide him while dousing him with water.  His response was perfect: he sat and prayed.  Read about that here.

Secondly, you've heard about the shooter at the Family Research Council who, last year, barged into FRC and plotted to shoot the place up . . . and then wipe the faces of those he shot with Chick-fil-A sandwiches. (Seriously)  FRC has today released the security footage of that shooting following the FBI's earlier release of the shooter's interregation in which he admits to targeting the FRC by visiting the Souther Poverty Law Center's website on which FRC was listed as a, "hate-group."  You can see the video below.

Incidentally, at one time - and maybe we still are (we don't like to visit their website) - the Family Policy Council of WV was on that same list.

Again, we think these cases are outliers, but they are concerning.  "Tolerance" need not look like this.  We can disagree without being disagreeable - or violent.  My thanks to those I do debate who maintain a civil tongue and urge those who agree with them to do likewise.  Let us pray violence never befalls anyone in this debate - and be quick to condemn them when it does.

Jeremiah DysComment