How Did We Get From Roe to Gosnell?

The Wall Street Journal has penned a long, at times conflicted, but ultimately revealing portrait of how we have gone from Roe v. Wade to the human rights travesty that is Kermit Gosnell.  You need to carve out the time to read it in its entirety.  Here's the payoff paragraphs from the end of the article:

What do we mean when we call for the abolition of the Roe regime? Simply this: a reversal of Supreme Court precedent, an acknowledgment by the court that it erred when it decided Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. That would turn the question of abortion back to the states and the people, where the 10th Amendment makes clear it belongs.
The abortion debate needs more politics, not less. As we noted above, drawing the line between acceptable abortion and homicide is necessarily an arbitrary exercise. For judges to issue arbitrary rulings is a corruption of the judicial function. But the production of arbitrary results--imperfect but workable arrangements that can be revised if necessary to adapt to new circumstances or knowledge--is the essence of politics.

I want to give the authors credit: amidst their odd reluctance to denounce the moral banality of abortion, their conscience betrays them.  There can be no doubt in their minds but that Roe was wrongly decided and ought to be undone.  How that is to be undone is another matter.

They also deserve credit for highlighting a couple important points, namely:

  • The abortion industry operates outside the world of logic and despicably uses dehumanizing terms to make a dehumanizing abuse more palatable to the public.
  • If pro-life advocates cannot be allowed to draw a line as to when life begins, then proponents of abortion must be equally restrained in their advocacy of a decision as to when life should end. 
  • Regardless of your position on abortion, it is clear that the abortion at all costs for any reason, at any time mentality that the abortion industry has publicly insisted upon has clearly bullied lawmakers into backing away from regulating this industry - to disastrous consequences that are not necessarily unique to Gosnell's clinic.
  • The National Abortion Federation - which certifies 1 of 2 abortion clinics here in West Virginia - was asked to certify Gosnell's clinic.  They didn't because of the unsanitary conditions.  But, they likewise did not report his abuses to the authorities.  Conclusion: this is an industry that cannot be trusted to self-regulate.
  • Can the abortion-industry oppose after-birth abortion?  Not logically says the authors.  What is more . . . they haven't.
  • Media outlets have not simply ignored Gosnell, they have helped shape the rhetoric of the abortion industry for years, further dehumanizing the terms to prop up the industry.
  • Abortion is a legal religion and Justice Blackmun is its chief prophet.
  • Men have been surreptitiously disinvited from the abortion debate, but should be welcomed back to the table.  
  • Kermit Gosnell has been an abuser of women for nearly 40 years, dating back to the infamous Mother's Day Massacre in 1972. I hadn't heard that either, read the story if you can stomach it.

Read the whole article.  Share it over social media.  Think about it.