On Dying Well . . .

It was once asked of John Wesley why his methodist movement received such welcome success in this world.  Wesley, who with his brother Charles, did much to spread the Gospel across this globe, did not answer with new church programs, nor initiatives, nor even favorite books - though undoubtedly some of those helped.

Wesley simply remarked, "Because our people die well."

Tonight, I go to a widow's viewing of whom it can be said, "She died well."  Not only did she live well - raising a lovely family, living life exuberantly, encouraging others, and supporting her church - she died well.  That is, she faced death not as one without hope, but one whose hope was set upon Christ and in whose presence she confidently slipped the bonds of this earth and into his eternal, comfortable realm.

May it be said also of us that our focus on this temporal, though important, critical, and urgent, is not lost for the eternal, imperishable, and unending life that awaits.  Forego how well we have lived.  Let us be known for how well we have died.

Jeremiah DysComment