How could an American high school let misunderstanding and fear triumph over love and freedom at graduation?

The young man should have been congratulated for his academic achievements and his speech, with themes of the triumph of justice, love, and forgiveness over evil. Instead, on what was supposed to be a joyous day for Blackledge and his family, misunderstanding and fear triumphed over love and freedom.

That school officials would censor Blackledge’s speech and deny him the freedom to share this essential part of his identity with his loved ones and classmates is inexcusable.

How many more high school graduations must be ruined by school officials who, by misunderstanding or intentional act, deny their pupils their constitutional rights to freedom of expression from the schoolhouse gates all the way through the graduation ceremony?

What is so dangerous about a young man having the humility to acknowledge that his success would not have been possible without his faith that he must be kept from the podium?

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Jeremiah DysComment