Are There Any "Good Abortion Providers?" That Depends on What You Mean by "Good."

Writing in the USA Today one day after notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted of 4 counts of murder and over 200 violations of Pennsylvania's abortion laws, Amanda Marcotte argues that the way to prevent more Gosnell-like situations is to have fewer regulations of the abortion industry.  She argues that when the pro-life community argues for more - to use her words, "unnecessary regulations" - it is actually driving women to predatory creeps like Gosnell who give no meaning to back alley abortions and keep severed baby parts as his trophies.  

Instead, she says, "if we want to prevent future Gosnells, the solution is simple: Support good abortion providers."  

Marcotte forces us to consider the very important question: are there good abortion providers?

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Jeremiah DysComment